Transfer ETH/ERC-20

Create your Cross-chain Address

This is a smart forwarding contract which acts as your own personal address associated with the QUANTA blockchain. Its job is to forward token into the trust wallet, managed by the cross-chain technology.

Sign the smart contract TX

Within 15-30 seconds, you will see the cross-chain address picked up for your QUANTA address:

Transfer Funds

Withdrawing Funds

To withdrawal, we need to encode the outgoing ethereum address.

You will need to convert hex to base64. Use a tool like this:

In our example, 0xe0006458963c3773B051E767C5C63FEe24Cd7Ff9 converts to 4ABkWJY8N3OwUednxcY/7iTNf/k=

This will be used as the memotext to let the QUANTA blockchain know where to transfer your funds.

> quanta-cli pay 0.01 ETH --from a1 --to QCISRUJ73RQBHB3C4LA6X537LPGSFZF3YUZ6MOPUOUJR5A63I5TLJML4 --memotext "4ABkWJY8N3OwUednxcY/7iTNf/k=" -v