Running Quanta Wallet

Last updated 21 days ago

The testnet chain id is bb2aeb9eebaaa29d79ed81699ee49a912c19c59b9350f8f8d3d81b12fa178495

quanta-wallet --wallet-file=quanta-testnet.json --server-rpc-endpoint=ws://localhost:8090 --chain-id bb2aeb9eebaaa29d79ed81699ee49a912c19c59b9350f8f8d3d81b12fa178495

Set your password

set_password xxxx

Import your key

unlock xxxx
import_key account_name "wif_key"
import_balance account_name ["wif_key"] true

Transfer Funds

transfer userA userB 100 QDEX "here is the cash" true

Create another account

"brain_priv_key": "...",
"wif_priv_key": "...",
"pub_key": "..."
register_account account_name pub_key pub_key source_account source_account 0 true